Where I fit: Characters pulled from the breakdowns

[KATE]Female, mid to late 30s , meticulous, straight-laced, open ethnicity, Midwestern, Kate is the FBI technical analyst on Keaton’s team. Very smart, good at her job, hard-working and open-minded, Kate has a secret crush on Keaton and, like her colleague Ali, worries about Keaton when he appears to be cracking under pressure (The Enemy Within)

[NICKOLE]30-40. Blue collar, plain-spoken, Nickole is a tough and
experienced detective, also assisting Bird on his current case. She is one of the guys, and is
100% focused on her job. (10 Days In The Valley)

[ERIN]Female, mid 30’s – 40’s. She is a fast talking, fast thinking, sophisticated crisis manager; very good at her job.

[EMILY] Early 30s. Older sister and personal assistant to a famous actress, “Worker Bee” with stress lines and resentment. Sweet on the surface, underneath she harbors years of resentment, understated beauty. (Criminal Minds)

[REBECCA SIMMONS] mid 30s, this professional woman who works for a top security company meets with her old acquaintance Harris for lunch. To her terror, she finds herself drawn into a covert situation in which she is force to assume a new identity and immediately leave town — and even those precautions may not ultimately save her life… (Shooter)

[Jane] Late 20s to Early 30s. Jane is a young lawyer in DC. Looks like a pushover, but deep down she’s a fighter. Intellectually sharp and intuitive. (Scandal)

[WOMAN]Mid 30s. This mom enters the doll store and makes a complaint at the counter… (Blackish)

[ANOTHER WOMAN] 30’s. An impatient woman at the Auto Shop who urges COLLEEN (Angelique Cabral) to speed things along. (Life In Pieces)

[GAIL]30s, female, Caucasian. A marketing executive for the popular activewear company, Game Swag. She is loyal, professional and relatively new to the company. She’s under pressure to find the next kid star to model their new youth athletic wear line. (Marlon)

[Leslie] Mid 30s. All American Army housewife. Needs to find courage when summoned to the state department about her husband.

[Dr. Rimes] Mid 30s. A doctor at the local hospital who proposes a risky treatment.

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