Castability- where I fit in the breakdowns

[LINDA DECATUR- THE PARA-EDUCATOR] 30. Linda is the worst. She cares more for her phone’s fashion game than any of the kids or helping MR WISEMAN in his day to day work. (Homeroom)

[NICKOLE]30-40. Blue collar, plain-spoken, Nickole is a tough and
experienced detective, also assisting Bird on his current case. She is one of the guys, and is
100% focused on her job. (10 Days In The Valley)

[LAURIE} Mid to Late 30s. Middle class, professional, nice, easy-going attitude, funny, yet pushed past the breaking point. (Grey’s Anatomy)

[EMILY] Early 30s. Older sister and personal assistant to a famous actress, “Worker Bee” with stress lines and resentment. Sweet on the surface, underneath she harbors years of resentment, understated beauty. (Criminal Minds)

[Miss Jodi] Early 30s. This sweet and supportive ballet teacher is overjoyed when Dawn’s brothers show up for ballet class. She is beside herself and anxious when they drop out. (Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn)

[Jane] Late 20s to Early 30s. Jane is a young lawyer in DC. Looks like a pushover, but deep down she’s a fighter. Intellectually sharp and intuitive. (Scandal)

[WOMAN]Mid 30s. This mom enters the doll store and makes a complaint at the
counter… (Blackish)

[ANOTHER WOMAN] 30’s. An impatient woman at the Auto Shop who urges COLLEEN (Angelique Cabral) to speed things along. (Life In Pieces)

[RUBY GREEN]30s. A protective mama bear, smart, likable, Ruby is a
waitress at a diner and happily married to Stan, a mall security guard. Ruby is initially horrified at Beth’s suggestion that
they rob the supermarket where Annie works. As Ruby comes to terms with her criminality, she quickly learns that there’s
some seriously bad fallout from the robbery… (Good Girls)

[Leslie] Mid 30s. All American Army housewife. Needs to find courage when summoned to the state department about her husband. (Blacklist)

[Dr. Rimes] Mid 30s. A doctor at the local hospital who proposes a risky treatment. (Code Black)

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